Invisalign in Port Moody

Invisalign Near You

Having a smile that you can proudly share with others is important. At Mint Dental, our team understands the significance of having a radiant, confident smile, and we are happy to help our patients achieve this smile goal with Invisalign in Port Moody. Invisalign works to align your teeth and transform your smile so that you can benefit from enhanced oral health and boosted confidence. Read on to learn if this innovative orthodontic treatment is right for your needs.

Why Do Misaligned Teeth Cause Problems?

It may not seem like it, but having a misaligned bite can cause many issues, including jaw pain, headaches, dry mouth, tooth sensitivity, and chipped teeth, on top of lowering your self-esteem and overall quality of life. When you visit Mint Dental, our dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your bite to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign.

What Are the Advantages of Invisalign Treatment?

When you choose to get Invisalign near you, you will benefit from an aligned bite, alleviating painful and frustrating symptoms. Some of the main benefits of Invisalign include:

  • A more comfortable option than traditional metal braces
  • Removable, clear aligners
  • No dietary limitations
  • A discreet treatment option
  • Fewer required visits to our dental office

Invisalign is a popular and unique method used to help patients transform their smiles.

invisalign in port moody

How Does Invisalign Work?

When you visit our team at Mint Dental for Invisalign, our dentist will begin by taking a series of scans and images of your teeth, which they will use to map out your personalized Invisalign plan from start to finish.

They will then provide you with a series of customized, clear, removable aligners that must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day and should only be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. You will need to switch out your aligners for the next set every one to two weeks to gently and gradually push your teeth into the correct position. You will also need to visit Mint Dental once every six weeks for a progress check so that we can ensure that your treatment is effective.

Interested in Invisalign Near You?

If you have crooked teeth and a misaligned bite that you are seeking to correct, then Invisalign may be the right choice for you. If you would like to learn more about Invisalign in Port Moody and determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment, please contact our team at Mint Dental. We cannot wait to help you achieve a radiant smile that you can show off with confidence for a lifetime!