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teeth whitening in Port Moody

5 Reasons to choose professional teeth whitening

Are you unhappy with how your teeth look? Perhaps you have discoloured teeth that you wish were brighter and whiter.

Having discoloured teeth can impact people’s self-esteem and confidence, and cause anxiety in certain situations – especially where you may need to meet new people, have photographs taken, or give a speech.

The good news?

As a provider of professional teeth whitening in Port Moody, we see patients every day looking to enhance their smile – one way to achieve this is with professional teeth whitening.

Here are five reasons why it might be right for you:

1. You’ll see changes faster.

While there are at-home options available, professional in-chair teeth whitening is faster. So if you’ve got an important event coming up, you’ll want to opt for professional service.

With a professionally conducted service, you’ll see your results instantly and walk out straight away with a whiter, brighter smile. The results are also longer-lasting.

2. Your care is personalized.

While at-home kits might be more economical, they’re not tailored to your teeth. And everyone’s teeth are different.

Some teeth can be slightly different shapes and colour to each other; the only way to “balance” this out is a professional whitening procedure. As dental professionals, we will take the time to not only make sure your teeth are whiter, but that each tooth is of the same shade.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Port Moody that offers optimal results, our team will happily talk you through a customized teeth whitening plan, tailored just to you.

3. You’ll achieve longer-lasting results.

Visiting a dentist around you, as opposed to doing it yourself will provide longer-lasting results.

While initially, your smile will be whiter, at-home whitening will wear off much quicker – why you ask? Manufacturers of at-home kits want you to buy their kits again and again, so they don’t want the effects to last too long.

Consulting a professional dentist for your whitening will provide lasting results. Professional results will last longer as we use high-quality whitening solutions and application procedures.

4. Fewer chemicals. Protect your dental health.

Another thing to consider when using at-home solutions, is you’re not 100% sure of the chemicals you’re putting into your mouth! Many kits contain harsh chemicals which can be dangerous.

Opting for a professional experience from a dentist in Port Moody means you can be rest assured the whitening solutions used are dentist-approved and won’t risk your overall dental health.

5. Your smile will be more vibrant.

The truth is the results accompanied by professional teeth whitening will be brighter and more vibrant. In just a single session, we can make your teeth several shades lighter.

The quality and outcome of using a qualified dentist means you’ll have result you’re happy with, and protect your overall oral health along the way.

As experts in dental health, we care about the longevity of your teeth and only use the safest solutions and techniques.  A dental consultation will also uncover any other concerns with your teeth that may be impacting their colour.

Looking for teeth whitening in Port Moody?

You’ve come to the right place. We provide all types of cosmetic dentistry solutions, and our team welcome any questions you might have.

Teeth whitening, like any dental procedure, is best undertaken by a trained dental professional using high quality-solutions. While at-home kits can help a little bit, long-lasting results are best achieved using in-chair professional services from a dentist around you.

Simply give us a call or visit our clinic today, our team looks forward to seeing you soon!