Complete & Partial Dentures in Port Moody, BC

When you are missing many or all of your teeth, dentures might be your ideal dental appliance. Dentures are removable, and when they are inserted into your mouth, they replace your teeth and tissues. Dentures near you restore your chewing and speech, all while providing support to your facial structure and lower facial features.

When you are missing all of your teeth in an arch—upper or lower, your dentist can prescribe complete dentures in Port Moody, BC V3H 2B5. When you are missing only some of the teeth in an arch, partial dentures near you can be prescribed instead.

When you visit your dentist for dentures, you will be asked to schedule multiple appointments over several weeks. For a precise fit, your dentist will take molds and exact measurements for fabrication. Once fabricated, your dentures may require fitting and adjustments to ensure the proper fit, function and appearance. Additionally, guidelines will be provided by your dentist for optimal care and cleaning of your dentures in Port Moody, BC V3H 2B5.

Benefits of Dentures

Increased self-confidence

When several or all of your teeth are absent, it can take a major toll on your confidence. Dentures can offer you that photo-ready smile by filling all those empty and unwanted spaces in your smile.

Improve your quality of life

When your teeth are missing, everyday tasks like eating or even communicating become difficult and frustrating. Dentures simplify your life and with natural suction, they stay comfortably secured in your mouth.

Cost effective

When compared to dental implants, dentures are more affordable, especially when more natural teeth are present in your mouth.

To learn if you qualify for dentures, schedule a consultation with your dentist today!