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wisdom tooth removal treatment in Port Moody

Reasons for The Removal of Wisdom Teeth

One of the more common dental treatments is wisdom tooth removal treatment in Port Moody. By visiting a dentist in Port Moody and requesting a wisdom tooth extraction, you are undergoing a very common type of procedure. There are many reasons why this should be done. For one, it is difficult to clean your wisdom teeth due to toothbrush limitations and difficulty of reach. Removing your wisdom teeth can better your overall dental health. Also, there could be orthodontic pressures, such as moving teeth, which can create a cramped environment in your mouth. Removing your wisdom teeth can help the alignment of other teeth and lead to less tooth crowding.

The process of wisdom tooth removal, is a relatively simple surgery. It is possible to get all four wisdom teeth removed at one time, but often during surgery, a dentist near you will perform one removal at a time, to eliminate excess stress on you, the patient. A general or local anesthetic is often used to sedate the patient and create a smoother removal. Often the process of recovery is measured in a day or two, and the bleeding gets staunched almost right away.

People who get their wisdom teeth removed often report very little pain associated with the surgery. Finding a dentist near you who will perform the surgery is relatively simple, as most dentists know how to do it or can point you in the right direction. Wisdom tooth removal in Port Moody is thus very common and is not an expensive surgery.

The main reason it is recommended by dentists that patients undergo wisdom tooth removal is due to the risk of potentially life-threatening problems later on. Although it’s rare, certain malign conditions can develop as a result of keeping your wisdom teeth. A dentist near you will tell you that problems such as infection, cysts, and even tumours to the surrounding teeth can occur, as well as additional problems to the vital organs like the kidneys and heart. While these conditions are pretty rare, a far more common symptom to leaving wisdom teeth in is inflammation of the gums and the potential for bacteria to collect. This makes wisdom teeth removal in Port Moody even more common.

One of the common triggers that cause the need to remove wisdom teeth is a pain in the area around the teeth. If a patient reports to their dentist that there is excessive pain, then that is usually considered a reason to remove the wisdom teeth. Since wisdom teeth are at the back of the mouth, there is often not a lot of room for them to grow and develop fully. Since they usually lurk beneath the gum for much of one’s childhood and into adulthood, sometimes they are unable to emerge fully which causes pain and other effects. Removing wisdom teeth at a younger age can prevent problems in adulthood, according to many dentists. A relatively small percentage of individuals will not experience the need to have their wisdom teeth removed, due to a lower amount of teeth in their mouth. When the possibility of crowding, pain, or problems due to insufficient cleaning is not present, your dentist in Port Moody may not see the need for extraction.

Wisdom teeth removal in Port Moody is usually necessary when wisdom teeth are impacted, which means they have not fully emerged from the gum line. When wisdom teeth are impacted in bone or gum, most of the time a dentist near you will decide to remove them. After the surgery, recovery time is usually measured in days. There are a few problems that can arise following the procedure. Pain and swelling can be experienced and is treated with mild pain killers. A dry socket can also occur. This is rare, and occurs about four to seven days following the procedure, and is treated with an oral antiseptic solution or a medication, depending on how bad the pain is. Bacterial infections can also occur, but are quite rare, and can be treated with antibiotics.