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women wearing custom mouth guards

Difference Between Custom Mouth Guards and Shelf Sports Mouth Guards

Although high-contact sports are the focus of dental inquiries, other minor activities could also result in other mouth injuries. Essentially, there is a risk of dental injury in all sports activities. 

The most common dental problems while playing sports are cracked teeth, knocked-out teeth, injured cheeks or tongues, and even broken jaws. To secure your teeth from injuries, sports guards near you are required to offer customer support for oral health. 

What is a Mouth Guard?

Mouthguards are crucial pieces of equipment for anyone who is playing sports. They are also known as athletic mouth protectors or sports guards. When they are custom-made, they will fit perfectly over your upper teeth while securing your oral health from injury. Overall, maintain your appearance and the health of your smile. 

Furthermore, mouth guards are sometimes used to prevent tooth damage in bruxism patients. 

The Difference Between Different Types of Mouth Guards

Though there are many different mouthguards, the two most common are custom-made and off-the-shelf mouthguards. 

1. Custom-made Mouth Guards

The custom-made mouth guard is a good and efficient option because it secures your mouth while fulfilling all the requirements. Plus, they are custom-made by dentists near you so they will fit you perfectly. 

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth before fabricating the mouth guard over the mould. While customized mouthguards are more expensive and take longer to fit, they are also much more comfortable, correctly align the teeth in terms of alignment, and have the full support of the dentist. They also provide the best security while playing sports.

2. Off-the-shelf-mouth Guards

Although off-the-shelf mouthguards are comfortable and functional, they must be customized for your unique set of teeth. They are made out of thermoplastic, and you can easily find them at most sporting goods stores. Use the “boil and bite” technique, which involves carefully biting down on the mouthguard after it has been carefully boiled in water for a predetermined amount of time. Thus, it takes the shape of your mouth, but the downside is that the device’s thickness will be reduced over time. 

Note that this mouth guard is made from plastic, and the constant chewing, clenching, and grinding will wear down the plastic. It will further compromise convenience.

Which Mouthguard is Right for You?

Most people prefer to choose a custom mouthguard for its sturdiness and effectiveness. The level of protection given by a custom sports mouth guard is incomparable to any other type. It offers durability enhanced by the snug form that perfectly fits each tooth, eliminating unwanted movement. 

Additionally, the personalized mouthpiece won’t lose its shape over usage. But, to ensure that your custom mouth guard fits you perfectly and is in good condition, you must take it to your dentist. 

The cost and the kind of sport you are playing—which may call for the use of a mouthguard—are ultimately the main factors that most people take into account.

Finding a Sports Guard in Port Moody!

The majority of sporting activities now require the participants to wear mouthguards. Although the primary function of a mouth guard is to protect your teeth, it can also reduce the force impact on the central nervous system caused by a jaw injury. Thus, whichever mouthguard you choose will help reduce the risk of injury, which is especially important for children. 

If you want to know more about custom mouthguards and off-the-shelf mouthguards, you can reach out to a dentist in Port Moody. Our team specializes in various dental services, including general dentistry, restorative, cosmetic and more.