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Which Night Guard is The Best For Clenching?

It would help if you understood what’s important before buying the finest mouth guard for jaw clenching to make an informed decision. Depending on the primary cause and intensity of the clenching, specific characteristics make for the best mouth guard.

It’s important to note that the best night guard for clenching differs from the best guard for grinding teeth. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for jaw clenching, the peculiar situation of jaw discomfort brought on by clenching, the various types of clenching night guards near you, and the steps you can take to treat a clenched jaw.

Choosing Between a Hard, Soft, or Hybrid Guard

To adequately protect your teeth, your night guard must fit comfortably and, more importantly, do its job. Two things primarily affect the effectiveness and comfort of your personalized night guard. The type of material is the first, and thickness is the second.

The night guard’s thickness and material affect how it feels in the mouth and against the teeth. Both elements work together to determine how comfortable and long-lasting the night guard will be. Understanding which material and thickness best suit your amount of grinding and desired level of comfort will help you choose the best night guard with the help of our Port Moody dentist.

Summarized below are the various versions that are available to you:


This sleep guard, which is 3mm thick and constructed of a rubber-like substance, is our most comfortable. It feels more like a “cushion” in the mouth and is soft, as you may have predicted. It’s ideal for folks who only occasionally clench or grind their teeth, have sensitive teeth, or want the most comfortable option.

Unfortunately, comfort sometimes means sacrificing toughness. A hybrid or Hard night guard might be necessary if you frequently grind or clench your teeth or tend to chew on soft, chewy stuff.


This unique material has a 3mm-thick inner layer of soft EVA and an exterior layer of durable acrylic. The smooth interior offers a slight cushion on the teeth for comfort, and the rugged exterior serves as a rigid shell for your grinding.

To balance comfort and durability, it’s a fantastic “best of both worlds” solution. It has a slight flex and is ideal for minor grinding and clenching. Our local dentist may advise using this version if you are new to bruxism.


This night guard provides excellent durability and safety for heavy grinders and clenchers because it is composed of hard acrylic material that is roughly 2mm thick. It was created for you if you’ve already had a personalized night guard from the dentist, whether you liked it or not.

For heavy grinders who constantly wear out their night guards, it’s a fantastic solution. However, depending on the wearer, it may occasionally seem tighter and less comfortable due to the nature of the material.

The Night Retainer Guard

If you’re seeking anything to shield your teeth from grinding and clenching and stop them from shifting, This material can serve as a retainer and a night guard because it is a thicker, denser copolyester substance that is 1.5mm thick. It will feel similar to the Hard Night Guard but more comfortable because it is slightly thinner. Given that it is entirely clear and transparent, this is also a fantastic substitute for any wire retainers you may now use.

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