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cosmetic injectables in Port Moody

Who Can Perform Cosmetic Injections?

Today, dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables in Port Moody are in high demand. Medical esthetics is flourishing, and many medical professionals are interested in expanding their expertise to include cosmetic injectables and BOTOX near you. So who can and should perform these procedures? Our team at Mint Dental has put together this article so you can find out. 

What Are Cosmetic Injectables and How Do They Work? 

Cosmetic injectables are materials that are injected under the skin to help restore its shape and provide volume. As we age, our skin changes from exposure to the sun and other environmental factors. These small changes add up, and our skin begins to display signs of aging, forming wrinkles and fine lines. When you visit a dental clinic near you for cosmetic injections, you can restore your appearance and smoothen out your skin.

Who Can Administer Cosmetic Injectables Near You? 

Each area has its own rules and regulations, but in short, doctors, nurses, and dentists in Port Moody can administer cosmetic injectables with the right certification and training. However, just because an individual has earned their doctorate or registered nursing certificate does not mean they are qualified to administer BOTOX in Port Moody. These are cosmetic procedures and are not often taught in medical, nursing, or dental school. For this reason, additional training and supervised experience are necessary to ensure best practice.

Why is Training so Important? 

Some individuals would say that watching a YouTube tutorial is enough to qualify them to administer cosmetic injections, and some would say that you need medical school and surgical residency programs to offer cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX. With such a wide range of opinions, it is vital to focus on the facts: medical professionals can provide cosmetic injections after they have obtained the correct certification and accrued enough hours of supervised experience. Medical professionals must do their duty and ensure that they provide no harm. Patient safety and efficacy should be everyone’s top priority.

There are many dangerous complications and side effects associated with cosmetic injections. If not administered correctly, cosmetic injectables can cause facial numbness, drooping, vision loss, and more serious symptoms.

Why Get Cosmetic Injectables from a Dentist? 

Dentists near you who choose to get the proper certification and training to administer cosmetic injectables at their dental clinic in Port Moody are an excellent option for your cosmetic treatments.  Dentists must attend at least one approved course in facial esthetics and work under the supervision of a licensed cosmetic injectable specialist before they are fit to provide patients with cosmetic injections.
Dentists are highly educated in the anatomy of the neck and head, and they give injections on a daily basis for a number of dental procedures. Dental offices in Port Moody also have extremely stringent sterilization procedures, which will ensure that you won’t get any infections during treatment.

Visit Mint Dental 

At our dental office near you, our dentist is highly trained and experienced in administering cosmetic injections. If you are looking for a way to achieve a more youthful and glowing appearance, then visit our team at Mint Dental. We are happy to provide our patients with a variety of cosmetic injectable treatments, and our team of dedicated dental professionals will work with you to determine a procedure that will provide you with the best results possible. Please contact us to book your appointment with our certified dentist today!